Dentistry has come such a long way in the past few years that most procedures are accessible and affordable. They’ve also become painless, so in the event of an emergency, it’s easier than ever to save a tooth. If you ever have a toothache or trauma to a tooth, here are four of the most likely treatments you’ll need.

A Cavity Filling

When you have a toothache due to dental decay, the first (and easiest) remedy is a filling. Though considered an easy procedure, fillings can be scary for first-timers, but there’s rarely any pain involved and your toothache will disappear after treatment. Never let a toothache go unchecked because if you don’t seek care, it could turn into something worse.

Root Canal Therapy

Some toothaches can turn out to be more than decay and are the result of an infection. When you have pain upon chewing and sensitivity to heat, you could be dealing with a dying tooth. This is when a root canal is needed as part of emergency dentistry Windsor Terrace and it will save your tooth. During a root canal, the dentist removes the nerves, cleans the canals and fills them with a rubber-like material to seal them. You’ll need a crown to keep the tooth strong.

Dental Reattachment

If you ever wondered what happens to a tooth that’s been knocked out, the answer is that it can be saved if you act fast. The tooth must be carefully handled without touching the root. Rinse it off if necessary and try to put it back into the socket, or into a cup of milk. Get to a dentist or emergency room as quickly as possible so the dentist can correctly insert and affix it to adjoining teeth so it will reattach.

Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth pulled out, or an extraction, can be useful in many instances. Extractions are performed on wisdom teeth that become impacted or don’t have enough room. You’ll also need a tooth out if it’s cracked so severely that not even a root canal can save it. Extractions are also performed to make room when teeth are too crowded, enabling them to grow straighter.

Saving Your Teeth

Although dental emergency treatments sound frightening, they’re hardly ever painful and will help you avoid further suffering. The important thing to remember is that in the event of a dental emergency, always call your dentist immediately. This gives you the best chance for relieving pain and saving the tooth.

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