One of the hardest things to do is choose the ideal gifts for your family and friends. Your loved ones may also struggle with finding the perfect gift for you. Here is a great idea: Give your sweetheart or kids a list of options that you would enjoy. Do you live on a ranch or just love all things western? Here are some things you may want to add to your wish list.


Every cowboy or cowgirl can use a new pair of jeans. It is easy to figure out the size by looking at your favorite pair and going from there. Shirts, vests, coats, blouses, skirts or undies are all good list ideas that will be appreciated. 


Take a look in your closet and notice those items that are getting worn out. It may be your bolo tie you wear each Sunday or your favorite boots. You may enjoy one of those custom name western belt buckles that you noticed your friend was wearing. Don’t forget to check your handkerchiefs, suspenders, socks and hats. 

Home Decor

Do you need some new towels, sheets, or accessories for your home? Look at your walls; just how long have you had those same pictures hanging there? Maybe it is time to add some new landscape photography above your mantle that will bring new life to your entire family room. Adding some plants can also bring a fresh look to any room; they can be silk or living plants. 


If you like to grill steaks or vegetables, having a nice grill that can be used all year long can be enjoyed by all the family. If you have a covered patio area, an outdoor gas grill can even be used during a snow storm. There are indoor grill options that have received rave reviews, as well. 

Higher-Priced Options

If the gift budget permits, you might request a big-ticket item, like a new saddle. How about a new blade for the tractor, a leather sofa for your family room or a generator that will work as a back-up energy source when the power goes out? And if the budget is flexible enough, maybe it is time for that ATV or truck you’ve had your eye on. 

Is your brain jumping with gift ideas for your next birthday or anniversary? Make a list and share it. Your loved ones will thank you for helping make their job easier, and you will receive something you really want.

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