Live out your faith. You may hear that phrase in your place of worship or from peers and mentors, but it can be a challenge to understand what that actually means. It seems simple, but in everyday life how can you make it real to you and others? Take heart — there’s a good chance you’re already doing some of these things, and being even more aware of them is helpful. Here are a few areas to focus on.  

1. Have a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is a rare and precious thing these days, and you’ll radiate that “something” of your faith just by emphasizing the good. Every day you’re choosing as to where your focus lies — the negative or the positive. Others will notice your overall attitude and actions, and your faith can set an example through your positivity.

2. Be Grateful

One of the most powerful Christian life lessons is gratitude. It can be easy to forget the things you’re thankful for or take them for granted if you’re not intentional about recognizing the blessings all around. People will notice when you’re earnestly seeking things and events in your and others’ lives to be give thanks for.

3. Be Gracious

Being a sincere friend to others is a loving way to live out your faith. If you’re an attentive friend and a good listener to everyone around you, you’re communicating that they’re important to you — that you care about them. Choose to bring intentionality into your relationships. If you’re inclusive and authentic, people will see divine love shining through you.  

4. Share Your Gifts

Everyone has unique gifting, even if they don’t realize it. They’re placed within as a means of sharing and living your faith. Think of what you’re good at and what brings you joy — then consider how you might make that gift a ministry to others. It might be any sort of talent. Let your prayerful imagination guide you. 

5. Give Your Best

Giving your best, even if it’s imperfect, is an expression of obedience to something greater than yourself. Making that conscious choice to do your best expresses humility, faith, and commitment. You’re working from your heart and soul for others. Giving your best also means honoring the Divine through rest and Sabbath. It’s a powerful example. 

Living out your faith means honoring the good in simple ways. Consider these things as you pray for guidance. 

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