Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that impairs cognitive memory and judgment. People who are 65 and older are at higher risk of developing dementia and may develop symptoms severe enough to interfere with everyday life. Adult children of parents with Alzheimer’s disease may either choose to place them in a nursing home or offer them a more personal, intimate space at home. Family members affected by the condition should understand Alzheimer’s and prepare to create a peaceful, nurturing environment for their loved one.

Allow Independence

People with advanced dementia suffer from severe impairment of communication, so they’re often placed in a nursing home. Most people with Alzheimer’s should be able to choose if they want to continue living at home. They don’t want to lose their privacy and independence, so you should consult with a loved one if they share the same concern. There are several home health agencies Bethesda MD that help with housekeeping and personal care. Some caregivers offer companionship for those who don’t want to feel alone. However, even if you choose to hire a caregiver, it’s important to keep the home functional. If you’re preparing to put their clothes away, each article of clothing should be placed inside separate drawers that are labeled in text. Cleaning up the home and removing excess furniture they seldom use is also helpful. Eliminating excess choice will reduce the rate of delirium episodes that are triggered by confusion.

Ensure Home Safety

Working memory is compromised in Alzheimer’s disease, making it difficult remember practical information. A person with dementia may forget to turn off the kitchen stove, which could cause a fire. Installing a gas valve that turns off the stove can reduce this risk. You should see how your affected loved one interacts with everyday objects and how they evaluate their environment. By observing routine behavior, you’ll be able to make your loved one’s home environment safe. Although it’s burdensome and futile to directly confront them about their behavior, you can indirectly inspire a sense of peace by eliminating safety hazards and reducing the level of stress that can exacerbate symptoms. A person with Alzheimer’s is still affected by the vibes they feel from others around them. 

Practicing home safety tips for people Alzheimer’s is tough, but worthwhile. There are two key tips you should remember when preparing a proper home environment for someone with Alzheimer’s. Allowing them some degree of independence will improve their well-being. Equally important is making sure they are able to live safely and comfortably without as much worry, which can accelerate the disease’s progression.

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