There seems to be an ongoing battle against facial and body hair. People are seeking effective hair removal products and treatments. Laser hair removal, electrolysis, and prescription hair removal creams are likely to be more effective and administered by trained professions.


Laser hair removal is the most effective in people with dark hair and light skin tones and can be performed anywhere on the body except the eye area. It works by targeting the hair follicle and damaging it with high-heat lasers to keep new hair from growing. It is not permanent but may last for months or even years, and when the hair grows back, it is likely to be lighter in color and finer.

Requirements vary by state, but most require certification, licensure, or physician to oversee those who conduct the procedure such as laser hair removal spa Manhattan. Several follow-up visits are likely needed at the cost of up to $250 per visit. The most common side effects are temporary skin irritation and redness, and in darker toned skin types, it can cause temporary pigment changes. Scarring and blistering are rare but serious side effects of laser hair removal.


The Food and Drug Administration considers electrolysis the only permanent hair removal solution. Electrolysis is effective on most skin types and can be performed anywhere on the body. It works by distributing shortwave radio frequencies through fine needles precisely positioned into the hair follicles. By destroying the hair follicle with strategically placed radio frequencies, new hair growth is not stimulated.

A certified electrologist or a dermatologist should perform the procedures, and several follow-up treatments will likely be needed. The cost of each treatment session is approximately $35 to $100. Redness and pain from skin becoming irritated after treatment is the most common side effect. Keloids, scarring, and infection are rare, but potentially severe side effects of electrolysis.


Prescription hair removal creams could be an option for those not interested in laser and electrolysis treatments. Specifically targeting facial hair and tailored for women, eflornithine (Vaniga) works by curbing the creation of enzymes known to stimulate hair growth. It is not permanent, but results can last for up to eight weeks. The cream is prescribed by a doctor, is applied twice daily for a month, and costs about $50 for a one-month supply. Acne breakouts from follicle disturbance, rash, and burning are possible side effects.

Choosing the best hair removal treatment is an individual decision. Knowing more about the procedures can assist with the selection and make for a more comfortable experience.

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