Litigation is a complex process that involves a number of individuals to take a case from start to finish. In addition to the work of an attorney, a litigation support specialist offers services that prepare a case for trial. The duties could include interviewing potential witnesses or reviewing documents. There is a lot of work attributed to the efforts of litigation support services, and in an effort to save both time and resources, many large firms have turned to third-party firms located overseas for help. There are several pros to working with an outside party for legal assistance.

The Pros of Litigation Support

Firms are often limited by their manpower and limited resources. This can prevent a client from getting the best representation possible. Litigation support can open new doors and change the legal experience for both the representation and the client.

  1. Assistance in Complex Cases: Litigation specialists are experts in their own unique way. With their help, complex cases won’t weigh down the usual office staff. Highly competent individuals take on roles and assist the firm with research or paperwork, making it possible to meet filing deadlines.
  2. Financial Ease: If you choose to work with a litigation support company or specialist, you will find it can be more affordable than trying to hire full-time employees for the firm. Not all cases may require additional help, and having to hire and layoff every few months can weaken your firm’s infrastructure.
  3. Current Knowledge: Many specialists continue to study leading developments or issues within the legal field. It is their business to provide the best support possible, and continually learning about the field or new laws gives them a fresh eye and better insight on potential cases you may be facing.
  4. Staff Support: When you outsource some of the legal tasks needed, you give the staff at your firm a chance to take on more important roles or finish up important activities. In a highly stressful environment, the support can provide a much-needed break.
  5. Increased Service Options: The resources of your staff may be stretched thin, but outsourcing to a specialist can prevent any wrinkles in service delivery. These individuals are capable of performing services like document review or management, deposition summaries or analysis, drafting memos or motions, e-discovery, proofreading, or summaries of cases or records.

When your caseload demands a sense of urgency, litigation support can be the lifeline that gets things done. Consider these benefits when thinking about how to improve your legal services and improve the litigation experience.

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