Marble is a fascinating, aesthetically pleasing stone perfect for everything from backsplashes to counters to floor tiles. How much do you know about this gorgeous stone? Check out these interesting facts.

Marble Can Be Scratched

As strong and robust as marble may appear, it’s actually quite delicate when compared to harder stones like limestone, granite or quartz. Marble only ranks a 3 or 4 on the Mohs hardness scale; for reference, talc ranks as a 1, quartz ranks a 7 and diamond ranks at 10. Annual or semi-annual marble refinishing Manhattan NY is necessary to keep marble surfaces looking like new. In addition, protective measures (such as using felt pads on furniture or appliances coming in contact with marble) are also needed to reduce wear and tear.

Marble Is a Mixture of Minerals

The majority of a given piece of marble is composed of calcite (also known as calcium carbonate) cyrstals, but it often contains other minerals such as mica, quartz, graphite, iron oxide and pyrite. These materials contribute to the overall look and sheen of the stone. Occasionally, marble contains gem minerals as well, including ruby and spinel. 

Marble May Be Found in Certain Medicines

The most attractive pieces of marble are used for tile or building materials, but the purest pieces of marble are processed further into pure calcium carbonate, powdered, then converted into acid-neutralizing medicines such as over-the-counter antacids. This acid-neutralizing quality of marble also makes it valuable for reducing acid content in soil or streams. 

Marble Can Be Etched

Marble’s ability to react with acid comes with a blessing and a curse. Although this property makes it valuable in medicine, it also means that a little bit of citrus juice, tomato juice or even coffee on your beautiful marble countertop or floor can cause that same reaction, resulting in unsightly etching. This is why sealing, regularly cleaning and polishing marble is so critical. Everyday marble maintenance to prevent scratches and etching can be done yourself, but polishing and resealing large portions of marble is often a task best left to the experts.

The natural beauty and sheen of marble evoke a luxurious, distinguished feeling in a space. Its humble origins from deep within the earth add a certain aura of mystery and regalness. Regular care and maintenance of this stone helps ensure that marble counters, tiles and floors retain their original luster for many years to come.

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