New bar owners have a lot to juggle when they are first getting started. All of the paperwork must be filed, capital raised and the competition evaluated. Then there is marketing, accounting and the actual bar itself to create and maintain. All that hard work will go to waste if customers are not interested in patronizing the establishment. Create an inviting atmosphere full of trained staff members and enticing products to help get clients in the door.

1. Create the Right Atmosphere

Think carefully about exactly what type of customer is expected to frequent the bar. It is a common mistake of new entrepreneurs to believe that everyone around will want to patronize their business, that is often not the case. A bar that attracts crowds of rambunctious college students is unlikely to also appeal to their parents or grandparents. It is not enough to get a TABC permit and light up the open sign if the right customers are not being marketed to properly.

2. Train Staff Appropriately

Turnover in the industry can be high, but staff members who are treated well and provided with ample training often feel a sense of loyalty to their employer. Giving staff members opportunities to advance within the company and grow as people will entice them to stay. Long-time employees who are knowledgeable and friendly will make customers feel special and encourage repeat business.

3. Craft Signature Drinks

One of the main reasons that people go to bars is to drink alcohol. Give the customers a memorable experience in the form of delicious, attractive signature drinks. There are many ways to make drinks stand out from the competition. Clients can be wowed with unique containers such as intricate glassware, new flavor combinations or creative garnishes.

4. Host Events

A good way to drum up business on nights of the week that are usually slow is by hosting events. Scout local talent to hire live performers or open up the mic to everyone by offering karaoke or amateur comedian nights. Trivia or other types of game nights have a broad appeal and can be tuned to match the theme of the bar. Pool tables, arcade games or other physical activities can encourage patrons to stay longer and order more drinks while they are enjoying themselves.

Opening any type of business can involve a certain element of risk. However, by keeping the customer base in mind when designing the bar and selecting attractions, it is more likely to be a success.

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