Hair loss can happen to both men and women, caused by genetics, medications or hormonal changes. However, baldness in men is considered acceptable and attractive. Women with thinning hair or bald patches can have a hard time feeling confident and beautiful.

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, you may want to explore hair restoration Westchester County NY. There are various non-invasive treatment options available.

Wigs and Prostheses

Wigs are perhaps the most popular solution to alopecia of any type. They require no medical intervention and can be used for any degree of hair loss. Advances in wig-making techniques mean that wigs often look identical to your natural hair.

Women who are experiencing a receding hairline may opt for a cranial prosthesis. These custom-made enhancements can be made from natural or synthetic hair. They are typically light and comfortable; they can be colored to match your hair, including highlights and lowlights. Some are worn without adhesives, making them good options for chemotherapy patients.

Extensions and Enhancements

Bald and thinning patches can be addressed with non-surgical treatments that add to existing hair. Hair can be added a strand at a time or in small strips. Enhancements are attached to your existing hair in ways that make them undetectable. Extensions can be bonded to your hair or attached directly to your scalp. Many are reusable and do not damage your hair.

Low-level Laser Therapy

If your hair is starting to thin, especially due to heredity, low-level laser therapy can help. LLLT maintains and repairs the hair you have. If you have fine or damaged hair, LLLT can stimulate the growth of vibrant, fuller, healthier-looking hair.

The treatment is cool to the touch and causes no pain. It works on a cellular level, improving blood circulation to hair follicles. It stimulates the metabolism of cells, enhancing their function and encouraging growth. With this laser therapy, the earlier you begin treatment, the better your results will be.


According to the Mayo Clinic, there are medications that can treat hair loss. For women, the most effective is minoxidil. This topical medication is applied daily to the scalp as a shampoo, foam or liquid. After six months of use, you should notice that your hair loss has slowed. Many users are able to regrow hair as well.

Similar to LLLT, medications are most effective if you use them early in the hair loss process. To maintain results, you must continue regular applications.

Experiencing hair loss can cause women a great deal of distress. However, there are many effective, non-invasive treatments available. One may be right for you.

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