There are many different dog breeds, and when you decide to expand your family with a canine, it is important to choose one that fits well with your family dynamic. Because there are so many options to choose from, you may be overwhelmed and not know how to pick the right dog for your family. Here are three tips to help you narrow down your options.

Know Why You Want a Dog

Dogs make great companions, but different breeds are better suited to certain activities. A husky makes a great hiking buddy but may not be the best pet for someone who prefers to lounge on the couch every day. If you want a snuggly companion, a chihuahua or poodle may be a better fit. If you [plan to breed your new pet, you’ll need to buy a pink papered German shepherd. Knowing exactly why you want a dog is the first step in determining which type of canine is best for you.

Consider Your Family Dynamic

You don’t have to adopt a puppy when you want to bring a new pet into your family. There are plenty of senior dogs available for adoption. When deciding on which type of dog you want, it is important to consider your family dynamic. If you have a newborn or several toddlers, you may not want to bring a puppy with a lot of energy into the home. A calm, laid-back senior dog may be a better choice. I you have energetic older kids or teenagers, however, you may prefer to get a puppy because they can help take care of it.

Pick the Right Temperament

Just like people, dogs have different personalities and temperaments. If you decide that a golden retriever is the right dog for your family, you can’t just adopt the first one that becomes available o you because you don’t know how its personality will mesh with your family. It is a good idea to spend a little bit of time with any dog you are considering adopting. Make sure everyone in the family gets along with the canine so that your new pet’s transition to a new home will be as smooth as possible.

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility so you need to make sure that you bring the right pet into your family. Use these three tips so you can narrow down your options and find the perfect dog.

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