There is a popular quote circulating on the internet that says, ‘Whoever said that death and taxes were the only guarantees obviously never had to do the laundry.’ Even though the main purpose of this saying is to promote humor, there is a lot of truth to it as well. While laundry is a certainty for everyone, how, when and where varies from person to person.  Many individuals may use an owned washer and dryer at home, while others may use a local laundromat. For some, having access to laundering facilities is more difficult which is why mobile laundry trailers can be so useful. Here are three common scenarios in which these trailers are used. 

Natural Disaster

After a major natural disaster occurs, the people affected need help as soon as possible. Food, clean water and even medical treatment are typical things someone may think of in disaster situations. While those items are the highest priority, survivors also need assistance with less pressing matters such as a way to clean their clothes. These laundry trailers are brought into the area and are equipped with everything they need to wash their clothes, including generated power and water.

Additional Income

For individuals looking for ways to add additional income each month, starting a portable laundering business may be a good option. Many bed and breakfasts and smaller motels become overwhelmed during vacation season and struggle to keep up with the demand for clean towels and linens. Mobile laundry trailers are a great solution to this problem. Business owners can make arrangements with local companies to help boost laundering capabilities during those busy months, benefitting both parties. 


Military troops and personnel travel around the world to fulfill their duties and protect their country. For many that are serving, they are given assignments that often take them away from home. Sometimes these deployments can be for years at a time. During these periods of time, soldiers still need all their basic needs met, such as food to eat, fresh water to drink and clean clothes to wear. Mobile laundry trailers are one of the tools the military uses as a solution to their unique circumstances.  Regiments will often have one of these trailers on-site to allow their members to clean their clothes during their free time. 

There are many uses for these portable laundering trailers. Providing relief to victims of natural disasters during difficult times, assistance to those in need of extra income and clean laundry to military personnel are just a few of them.   

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