Environmental concerns create a substantial impact in the business world. If you are a project manager for new commercial construction, making plans for your building process and outcome to produce the least environmental impact while creating a functional and beautiful new workspace is your primary goal. There are several steps you can take to ensure your new workspace meets sustainability requirements while maintaining its desired purpose.

Use Recycled Materials

There are many ways to incorporate reprocessed materials into your project. Lumber that comes from previous construction jobs, as well as newer composite materials made of substances including recycled plastics, work well for applications in the construction phase of your structure. Flooring and roofing selections made from environmentally friendly sources such as rubber, bamboo and even hardwood that has been raised and processed sustainably make great choices for a commercial enterprise.

Improve Air Quality

Two main issues need addressing to realize optimal interior air quality for those who work and visit there. The first is keeping pollutants out of the indoor air spaces, and the second is having appropriate air circulation into and through the edifice. The HVAC system, as well as the automated door selections that you make, will play a large role in maintaining air quality. Doors that utilize sensors will help keep their open time to the minimum needed. This reduces exposure of the indoor air to outdoor impurities. The HVAC system can keep the internal facility temperature as warm or cool as required. It also aids in filtering air contaminants, creating a healthier business space.

Consider Energy Conservation

Adding energy-conserving alternatives into your building will help lower its overall long-term cost and improve your bottom line for many years to come, making them worthwhile investments. Green options for insulation help to diminish the waste of warm air escaping in the winter and cool air in the summer. Large windows and doors that utilize clear surfaces will help to bring more natural light inside, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Making sure that automated door energy compliance is met will lessen the financial impact of heating and cooling costs, improving your company’s fiscal health. You can incorporate solar panels into your new construction that can pay for themselves over time with the savings they provide on energy costs.

Utilizing sustainable as well as renewably resourced building components will not only improve the cost outcome of your project but result in the welcoming appearance that defines your company.

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