Whether you’ve lost your job or your child hurt themselves and needs surgery, you’ll likely find yourself in a financial pickle at one point or another in your life. When that happens, you need to know where you can turn for help. Here are some ways you can get money quickly in an emergency.

1. Ask Neighbors for Work

Often, people have jobs around their homes that they would prefer not to do themselves. Offer to do those jobs if they can pay you cash that same day. When you need fast cash, don’t be above raking leaves, cleaning the gutters, or even helping out with housework. You’ll find that you build a strong relationship with your neighbors while you’re earning money. 

2. Payday Loans

You can consider getting a payday loan when you have a solid job, an active bank account, and a valid ID. The way it works is that the loan company gives you a check advance Mississippi and then has you write a post-dated check for the amount you borrowed, plus any required fees and interest. Then, on your next payday, they’ll deposit the check. You want to be careful when using payday loans because you need to have enough to pay the loan back and still pay your bills. If you need long-term financial help, then you’re best off going a different route. 

3. Personal Loan

Getting a personal loan through your bank can take a few days to get fully processed, but it’s the best way to get money when you feel that your situation isn’t going to improve for a while. Your bank will look at your payment and credit history, so you might be required to pay a higher interest rate if you have bad credit. 

You can often apply online and submit your verifications through your bank’s portal to get the process started. The quicker you get your documents submitted, the faster you can get your loan approval. 

4. Sell Your Collections

If you have items that are worth a lot of money, consider selling them when you face an emergency. You can sell them through local groups or online through reputable websites that reach more people. When you list the prices of the items, make sure you aren’t undercutting the price too much to get them to sell quickly. You also don’t want to try to get so much out of them that no one wants to buy them. 

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