Bakeries are busy places that require a lot of different gadgets, gizmos and appliances to run efficiently. Perhaps you prefer to buy some things new, so you know that they’ll have a warranty and will be less likely to have problems. However, some items can be used and won’t have their quality suffer. Here are some used items every bakery should have.

Sheet Pan Racks

Sheet pan racks are one of the most vital tools in any bakery, and relying on a used one likely won’t make any difference in how well it works. The racks can hold up to 20 sheet pans of product. They can be also be loaded up with product and covered in a plastic bag and then pushed into the pantry, fridge, or freezer for storage.

You can also use sheet pan racks to hold extra tools, such as spatulas, spoons, and cookie cutters. They work wonders as extra storage space for whatever you need, and they don’t take up a lot of floor space. 

Display Cases

When you work so hard to make your delicious creations, you want your customers to have a clear view of them. Customers should be allowed to eat with their eyes before they decide what to buy. When you let them do that, you’ll find that your sales increase.

Bakery display cases can either be refrigerated or basic stands to show your goods. Before you buy a used refrigerated case, make sure you turn it on to ensure that the cooler works well and that the lights in it turn on.

Dough Sheeter

Unless you enjoy torturing yourself and spending more time on tasks than necessary, you probably don’t want to roll every pie dough and piece of fondant out by hand. A sheeter will get your product to the desired thickness in a fraction of the time you would, and you can rest assured knowing that the entire thing is the same thickness throughout. 


You’ll want to have different size mixers because you do different amounts of mixes depending on what you’re making. Purchasing used mixers can save you a significant amount of money, which means you’ll have more money to put into the bakery. 

When you purchase a 30-quart mixer, you’ll have the capacity to make about 45 pounds of bread or cookie dough. However, if you ever want to make small batches of icing or cupcakes, you’ll want to have a smaller 6 to 8-quart mixer. 

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