A notary is a government-appointed person tasked with witnessing document signatures. A notary public helps to deter fraud by confirming the identity of those signing legal documents, such as deeds, estates and financial transactions.

You may be wondering whether becoming a notary is right for you. If you decide to pursue a notary license, you’ll need to check your state’s requirements. Most states require a candidate to submit a notary application Texas, pay a filing fee, take a certified training and pass an exam administered by the state. Keep reading for a few reasons you may want to consider becoming a notary.

1. You Can Make Additional Income

Some notaries work full-time for title companies or car dealerships, overseeing the document signings of mortgage contracts and financial documents. Others use the designation to make additional income on the side. No matter how you choose to use the designation, it can be a great way to earn some extra income.

Most states regulate the amount of money a notary can charge per transaction. However, many contracts require multiple signatures to complete, which can mean more revenue for the notary. Check your state’s laws for the most up-to-date information on charge limitations.

2. It Can Boost Your Resume

A notary is a trusted public official tasked with lowering the risk of fraud in the community. Considering the high moral standing required of notaries, having this designation can boost your credentials in the job market.

Notaries are needed in many industries across the country, including government, legal, insurance, medical and real estate. Generally, a notary will witness documents signed by employees of a company or documents signed by the company’s customers. Since so many documents need to be notarized, many companies find it valuable to have an in-house notary standing by.

3. It’s a Flexible Opportunity

Busy people might enjoy notarizing because it’s a flexible opportunity; it can often be done on evenings and weekends. Freelance notaries can set their own hours and be available during the times that work best for them. You can take on as few or as many clients as your schedule allows.

4. It’s Easy To Get Started

Becoming a notary isn’t particularly difficult. As previously mentioned, there are several steps you’ll need to complete before the license is issued, and these steps change state-by-state. Generally, though, becoming a notary isn’t excessively daunting and doesn’t require extensive study time.

If you’re looking for a relatively easy way to make extra income with a flexible schedule, becoming a notary might be right for you. After completing your state’s requirements, you can start witnessing document signatures in no time. 

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