As the age of the internet gets into full swing, fewer and fewer people are sitting down in the evenings to play Monopoly or Catan. Social media, watching movies, and of course online gaming seem to have replaced board games for good. While many people may lament this change with some degree of nostalgia, most don’t make the effort to play these games anymore.

However, there are many benefits to in-person physical games that you just don’t get in newer methods of relaxation. Below you’ll find some of the reasons why you should continue to play interactive board games with your friends and family.

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones

You may be hanging out with family members or friends by watching Netflix or playing Call of Duty with them, but there are major points of connection that you miss if these are your sole methods of spending time with a person. By playing a game that requires personal contact and cooperation, you get to know and enjoy your loved ones to a degree that other mediums often don’t supply. Plus board games can often spark great conversations that don’t have to be filtered through any exterior medium. It’s just you and your people in face-to-face interaction.

Improve Mental Capacity

Science has shown that playing a simple board game can increase your ability to think quickly and clearly and to form memories. Plus, many board games help you speed up your response times. Besides providing health and aging benefits, these physical games will help you be more effective at your job and at processing things in your everyday life. The puzzles and problems that board games pose “simulate” real-life problems in a fun and engaging way, allowing you to train your brain on them and accumulate experience and strength for when you really need it.


The quality of relaxation that you get in a board game is something that most technologically newer forms of recreation can’t simulate. When you play a board game with others, you’ll laugh out of pure enjoyment, and one of the greatest benefits of laughter is that it is a major de-stressor. Add to that the relationship benefits of that kind of companionship, and you can see why it’s so much more relaxing to play a board game than an online game. 

These are only a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t let board games die. They don’t have to replace movies and video games. Just don’t let movies and video games replace them, because in losing board games, you lose one of mankind’s most valuable resources for connection, improvement, and relaxation.

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