Careers continue to be defined in two distinct categories: “blue-collar” jobs are traditionally defined as those jobs where manual labor is performed, whereas “white-collar” jobs are more clerical in nature, and generally require desk work. Despite the appeal of a desk job, there are several appealing blue-collar jobs that can become very lucrative, depending on experience and training. 

Professional Landscaper

Learning the trade of professional landscaping can become a very lucrative career path for young men and women today. Landscaping companies often have difficulty finding people who are willing to learn the intricacies of irrigation and landscape, so if you are a hard worker, this could be a great career fit for you. 

Certified Electrician

The United States runs on electricity, and that is a fact that is never going away. In fact, as more and more things are digitized, the need for electricity will continue to grow. Certified electricians Philadelphia PA can make a great living and the skillsets needed to become an electrician are quite simple. Generally, to become a certified electrician, one must lean heavily on on-the-job training, as well as study the safety requirements for the area in which they contract and work. 

Fire Fighter

Firefighters are the most called upon blue-collar workers around and need skills in basic first aid and fire rescue. Serving as safety advocates in every community, firefighters must have a high school diploma and specialized training in trauma, rescue, and first aid. This career is challenging and often requires overnights spent on-call at the fire station. It is also not for the faint of heart, as the threat of fire in homes and businesses can be deadly. 


From residential plumbing to commercial plumbing, this blue-collar career path will continue to be in high need in the coming decades. As a plumber, one can specialize in strictly new builds, installing plumbing in new commercial buildings and homes, or one can look to make residential plumbing his or her specialty. Residential plumbing includes the snaking of drains, rusty pipe replacement, and problem-solving water leaks. 

Police Officer

This blue-collar job is one of great heroism, as police officers are key in keeping cities and towns safe. From traffic violation enforcement to crime scene investigation, police officers keep the peace. Officers generally earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and then enter the police academy where they study law, ethical procedures, and enforcement. Also included topics in their several months-long training sessions are firearms safety, de-escalation methods, self-defense, and traffic control. 

All of these blue-collar jobs are worth pursuing. Even though each of these careers has its pros and cons, all are worthwhile jobs that are necessary components of the US workforce. 

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