Wondering how to get a lovely head of hair? It’s a challenge for many women. While some naturally have full-bodied, shiny tresses, for others it requires a bit of work. You might be dealing with thinning, uneven graying, or any number of other issues. Usually, it works best to keep things simple and focus on what works best for your individual situation. Here are a few areas to focus on. 

1. Keep It Healthy

Healthy hair is attractive hair. No matter what the texture, if it’s free of damage and split ends, your hair will have a subtle shine and bounce to it. Cultivate a good relationship with a stylist who understands you and how your hair fits into your overall look. Use products that nourish your scalp as well as your hair. Dealing with hair loss? Try a search using terms such as hair loss treatment Westchester County NY to get specialized assistance. 

2. Optimize Your Color

Chances are your natural color looks great on you. If so, rock it! You can always punch it up by visiting a professional hair colorist, doing at-home color, or trying one of the many color conditioners out there. If you decide to use a product that contains ammonia or peroxide, be careful. Take necessary precautions. Your hair will thank you. 

3. Change it Up

There’s no shortage of great accessories that can give you a completely different and totally modern look. Depending on your personal style, you might want to wear a head wrap, hat, hair clip or band, or a natural-looking extension piece. Experiment and have fun! 

4. Protect It

In addition to protection from chemicals, your hair also needs protection from environmental and mechanical damage. Comb some protective conditioner through your damp hair before you hit the beach. Do you wake up with tangled bedhead? Consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Refrain from using accessories that pull or squeeze your hair. Brush gently, using the right kind of brush for your hair type. The less manipulation of your strands, the better. 

5. Adjust the Plan

You’ll notice changes in your hair as you get older. Be prepared to adjust your hair care plan to address these changes. Whether it’s using richer conditioners, taking hair vitamins, changing your style, or modifying your hair coloring habits, a minor tweak can make a major difference. 

Beautiful hair requires gentle care. Try these tips for lovelier tresses. 

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