California used to be the Golden State, a place of natural beauty from the mountains and forests down to the hundreds of miles of coastline. California is still a beautiful place to live, but climate change is creating increased environmental risks that can cost businesses big money. By using the state as an example, here are two ways you can protect your business from the dangers of climate change no matter your location.

Prepare for Fire

As the planet heats, states are dealing with more frequent heatwaves and extended droughts that create more fires. In just a few months over the summer of 2020 California experienced five of the 10 largest wildfires since state historians began tracking acreage burned. The same scenario is playing out throughout the Southwest and will continue to expand its reach. 

As a business owner, did you know that you can request the installation of fire hydrants California? Depending on your location you can check with your local water department or contact your closest fire station for more information. Installing a hydrant may lower your fire insurance rates as well. For extensive and fast-moving fires you may not have a chance to use that hydrant. Make sure your business has a wildfire preparedness plan in place, including a review of your insurance coverage. 

Free Yourself From the Grid

Climate change is about more than hotter summers. Part of the change means the United States will see more extremes of weather and shifting weather patterns that will stretch the electrical grid to its limits. In 2020 California experienced rolling blackouts throughout the summer but Texas saw the failure of its grid because of cold weather for which it was unprepared. 

One of the best ways to prepare for climate change is to be in charge of your own utilities so that overstretched utility companies won’t cause your business to close when the power goes out, or force your customers to deal with uncomfortably hot or cold temperatures to keep from overloading the grid.

Installing a solar system with battery backup is the first step to freeing yourself from the grid. In the past, solar only provided power while the sun was shining, but with batteries, you’ll be able to store the power you need to stay open through the night or any time the rest of the area has no power at all.

While you can’t control wildfires, you can prepare. While you can’t change the utility company, you can choose to disengage. Follow these two guidelines to help prepare your business no matter what the future brings.

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