Christian parents often struggle with the decision on choosing the right school for their tweens. Should they send them to a public school or a Christian middle school in Florida? To help you decide, here are several advantages of faith-based schools for you to consider.


Religious schools provide an outstanding academic education that prepares students for the next chapter in their life. William Jeynes, a professor at California State University, analyzed 90 studies conducted on the academic results of public, charter and Christian schools. He concluded, “The results indicate that attending private religious schools is associated with the highest level of academic achievement among the three school types, even when sophisticated controls are used to adjust for socioeconomic status.” Jeynes also noted that students of faith-based schools score at an academic level that is 12 months ahead of those in public or charter schools.


Another advantage is the teachers share your religious beliefs and incorporate this faith in the classroom studies. In addition to the academics they teach, they are also shaping your child to be a disciplined, loving and good person while encouraging your tween’s own relationship with the Lord. The curriculum they teach also includes lessons from the Bible and reinforces the teaching the students receive at home and at church. Smaller class sizes also help the teachers give specialized attention to those students who need more of their help.


Faith-based education offers a safer environment for kids because student behavior is better. Bullying is avoided as value-based lessons are regularly taught on forgiveness, humility and kindness. Jeynes pointed out that fewer behavioral problems are found among the students in Christian schools which leads to greater racial harmony, less drug activity and fewer gangs as compared to a public school. He noted that religious schools have higher expectations of their students and keep them focused on achievements.


Another advantage of sending your tween to a Christian school is the opportunity for them to become friends with other students who share their thoughts and beliefs. Most kids are influenced by their friends because they spend the majority of their time in school or in after-school activities such as sports.

Choosing a faith-based education gives your tweens an outstanding education taught by dedicated teachers who reinforce their Christian beliefs. It also provides a safe environment where they have the opportunity to form healthy friendships with other students who share their faith.

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