Utility trailers have many purposes across both commercial and personal use. The benefit of renting over owning is you get all the benefits of the trailer without the additional costs, maintenance and liability. Whether you are needing a utility trailer rental Everett WA for work or for play, there’s a number of uses for this handy, non-motorized traveling unit.

What is a Utility Trailer?

A utility trailer is any trailer (non-motorized) that can attach to your vehicle so that you can haul items back and forth. It’s used a lot in the logistics industry with semi trucks and other vehicles, and also personally by being hauled behind a vehicle with towing capacity. Utility trailers can either be open or completely enclosed and they can be only a few feet long or 30+ feet.

What Are the Top Uses For a Utility Trailer?

There are lots of different reasons that you might need to rent a utility trailer. Here are some of the top ones:


When relocating and needing to move your items from house to house, utility trailers are incredibly handy. First, you find the trailer size that best fits the needs of your move and then you go grab it from the rental service. Many services provide moving dollies and other add-on items you can use for the project to make it a breeze.

Lawn Care

If you own and operate a lawn-care business, you’ve likely either purchased or rented a utility trailer to haul around your equipment. This could include push mowers, riding mowers, trimmers, garbage cans, and much more. With utility trailers having an easier entry point for equipment, they are much more convenient than trying to get that equipment in and out of a truck bed.


If you own a boat or are renting one to take out for the weekend, you’ll need a special utility trailer to get it there and back again.

Storage Trailer Rentals

From a professional perspective, you may need a flexible alternative to warehousing supplies and equipment. Utility storage trailers rentals allow for temporary storage for businesses that are growing rapidly, or for season storage. You typically can decide if you need the storage rental for a day, week, month or even a year.


When needing to move cattle, horses or any other type of livestock, special utility trailers excel at this. You’ll want to keep your livestock safe while also efficiently moving a large number at a time.

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