Hiring a new employee requires time and planning to ensure your hiring process is thorough and successful. If your hiring process is not producing successful results, you may want to consider a new or more in-depth approach. While your employees will ideally be reliable, consistent and productive, you are ultimately responsible for creating a business setting they can thrive in. Create a smooth onboarding process to maximize the longevity and overall success of your business.  

Background Checks

No hiring process should be complete without a background and credit check. Just as there are legal requirements to establishing a business, there are legal requirements for hiring employees and maintaining your business as it grows. Even though running a background and credit check for employment is usually the last step in the hiring process, it’s the first thing you want to think about as the employer. Background and credit checks allow you to ensure your employees are who they say they are. Running these pre-employment screens are essential to maintaining the safety of your business operations. Since these important screens are so thorough, it may be worth seeking legal advice for state specific regulations and restrictions.


You’ll know which potential employees are in need of a background check by conducting interviews. When you announce you are hiring for an open position, you might be flooded with applicants. Avoid drowning in resumes and consider using an online employment platform to narrow down your list of candidates. Once you find resumes that stand out, you will need to meet with your potential employees. There are several ways you can conduct your interviews. Typically interviews are done in a few rounds so you can narrow down your list of candidates to a few top performers. These days it is becoming more common to conduct virtual or phone interviews. However, if you are able, it is a good idea to conduct at least one in-person interview. Body language says a lot more than we can hear over the phone. Even some connectivity is lost through video chats. Holding an in-person interview allows you to truly meet your potential employee and decide if they are a good fit for your company.

While there are many steps to hiring an employee, a thorough hiring process does not have to be an overcomplicated one. Plan ahead of time and have a well thought out process. In addition to making your role easier as the employer, your new employees will appreciate smooth onboarding procedures. 

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