When you run a company that provides a core service for other businesses, you need to be sure your risk management plan includes provisions that help you minimize any disruption to that service. It’s not enough to have the money to cover possible damages, your reputation is built on your ability to pick things up and take them where they’re going, even when disaster strikes. That’s why trucking companies across the country seek out dependable, responsive roadside service plans as soon as they can afford them. So what do you need in a commercial roadside service plan for semis and other large trucks? That’s a good question. Let’s talk about the features.

Towing and Commercial Garage Referral

Towing is the base service in any roadside response package, and sometimes all you need from the tow is help righting an overturned trailer. Other times, though, you need to count on local affiliates with towing companies to either double as commercial garages or to provide you with referrals to the repair shops in the area that specialize in commercial trucks. This is provided by even the most basic contract plans and emergency response services. When you have a truck involved in an accident a long way from home, this service puts it in the nearest qualified garage so you can get it back to work.

Tire Repair and Replacement Services

Losing a tire is always stressful, but it’s also a fact of life for truckers. Sooner or later, every career driver has to deal with it, so when you run a company that employs a fleet of trucks and drivers, you’re going to encounter it as a regular fact of business. Including tire repair and roadside replacement services in any roadside assistance plan is a good way to avoid the extra detour to a garage. In some cases, it can mean the difference between losing a couple hours to the fix and losing a day or more. 24 hour truck tire repair is a must if you’re paying for this service because there’s no point in losing extra time waiting for a shop to open. The point of the service is to save you time and with it, a lot of money.

Other Roadside Repair Services

There are a number of mechanical repairs and part replacements that can be done to both the engine and the trailer in the event of a roadside breakdown. It’s not always possible to repair a commercial truck without a garage, but many of the top roadside service networks include extended options for help with minor electrical repairs, battery replacement, and other simple repair tasks. While it’s not always cost-effective to invest in the whole slate of services, it is worth weighing your annual repair costs and losses due to road incidents to the cost of a plan every time you purchase service.

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