If you’re looking to break into an exciting career in the night life of your town, then consider becoming a bartender. This is a great career if you love meeting new people and being in the middle of the action every night. It’s also a great way to let loose some creativity and establish connections with others. Before you can become a bartender, most states require you to take some form of in-person or online drug and alcohol course, but after that it’s off to the races! There are plenty of tips about being a great bartender once you land your first gig.

Mixing Techniques

One of the staples of being a bartender is mixing up delicious drinks and cocktails all night long. Although the list can get confusing at times, if you know a few tricks to get these just right, you’ll thrive in your job and rake in the tips. First, you want to remember the “shaken v. stirred” rule: shake cocktails and stir mixed drinks. This ensures the cocktails get all the flavors infused just so, and the mixed drinks keep their subtle notes of all the ingredients. Also, remember to strain drinks after you mix them so they’re served on fresh ice and none of the gritty ingredients—such as bitters in an Old Fashioned—slip into the drink itself.


For most drinks out there, it’s all in how they look. This doesn’t just mean the liquid, but the glass it’s served in too. There are a wide variety of glasses and tumblers that drinks are served in, and each has its own purpose. You want to make sure you know the difference between a wine glass and a champagne flute, or a whiskey tumbler and a brandy snifter. You also want to pay careful attention to the garnishes. To use the Old Fashioned again, a key garnish is the orange slice on the edge of the glass. The notes from the citrus can open up the whiskey and enhance the flavor, so you don’t want to forget it. Some places will put their own spin on garnishes too, so keep tabs on what your particular bar likes to use and be sure to add it in for that final visual effect.

Becoming a bartender is great for people who love connecting and entertaining. If you work hard to master the basic techniques and present your drinks well, you’ll do wonderful in this career!

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