A lot of shops need a little extra help in meeting their safety regulations. One way to meet them every time is to install leveling casters on your equipment. These are casters that can handle extra-heavy loads while offering an adjustable height. They are popular for mobile workspaces, hospital equipment, and heavy machinery. They can also offer noise reduction. They are great if you need a level workspace. 

The Features of These Casters

A leveling caster will come with a pad that reduces vibration and secures your equipment to the floor. When you lower the pad, whatever the caster is attached to will be firmly locked in place. This means you will have a stable workspace that doesn’t wobble. It also won’t come unlocked and move while you are working. Additionally, you can use the pad to adjust the height and levelness of your workspace. They also have a low profile so that you can keep a piece of equipment close to typical heights while allowing it to be mobile. 

Additionally, these are made from nylon so that they won’t scrape your floor. The nylon wheel is also responsible for reducing the noise you hear when moving your equipment. However, the inside and top plates of these are made from die-cast aluminum, so you won’t have to worry about overloading them. These casters can each handle a ton of weight. 

How To Use Them

Before you can use this type of caster, you must decide if it is right for you and what size you will need. Most of the options you will find will have an overall height of under 5 inches and will only adjust less than an inch. The smaller the caster you choose, the less you will be able to adjust it. 

To start using your caster, you must attach it to a piece of equipment via the top plate. After the caster is in place, you can activate the leveling feature by lowering the leveling pad to make your workspace stationary. Most of them will come with a thumbwheel adjustment. This is a screw that you can easily turn with your hand to adjust the pad. 

A leveling caster is a great option if you are looking to make a piece of equipment or workspace stationary, sturdy, and quiet. They are easy to use and come in several sizes, so you find exactly what you are looking for. 

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