Having healthy, strong interpersonal boundaries is crucial for navigating today’s social climate. That said, you’ll probably find yourself in situations where you want to be more approachable. What are some things you can do to make you seem like a friendlier person to approach? Read on for a few ideas to consider. 

1. Smile

When you’re not immediately engaged with someone, wear a relaxed half-smile. It’ll immediately give your face an uplifted expression. It may help to think of someone you love or a cherished pet. When it’s appropriate, smile sincerely. Smiling is a powerful way to break down barriers between people. Self-conscious about your smile? Do a search using terms such as Invisalign braces NC to find a qualified professional who can help you. 

2. Posture

Adopt a relaxed, well-aligned, open posture. When you exercise, focus on strengthening your core muscles to help your body maintain its best alignment. You’ll feel and appear more confident, initiating a positive feedback loop as others respond more affirmatively to you. 

3. Speech

Read widely and give yourself a chance to speak informally on as many occasions as possible. This will give you conversational practice and make it easier to talk about a wide range of topics. Toastmasters groups can be a helpful support in this effort. Remember, listen more than you speak. Ask leading questions. 

4. Attitude

Being well-grounded and integrated physically, emotionally, and spiritually provides a strong foundation for your interactions with others. Ask for support from friends or professionals if you need help in this area. Be sincerely interested in people and the world around you. You’ll communicate safety and intentionality; both are important aspects of approachability. 

Being open to people and experiences helps you participate more fully in life. Try these simple suggestions to appear and become more approachable. 

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