Whether it is for home defense, daily carry, or competition shooting, every gun owner needs the perfect pistol. The question is, which one is the right one?

Here are 3 fantastic all-purpose guns that can suit any need for just about any gun owner. Many firearm manufacturers make their flagship models in multiple calibers allowing for any preference when it comes to handguns. So for this list, we’ll ignore caliber and focus on the other features that make these guns stand apart from the field.

SIG Sauer P32

The SIG Sauer P320 is an incredibly versatile handgun that can serve as an ideal multi-purpose firearm. Models like the compact, full-size, or X5 Legion mean you can choose your size and weight while keeping everything about this gun that makes it special.

With a high beavertail and slim, textured grip, this gun is easy to hold and ergonomic enough that you can fire it for extended range sessions without much hand-fatigue. Add to that one of the lightest recoils in its class and the short reset, 5 lb trigger and you’ve got one of the easiest shooting and controlling guns on the market.

Sig firearms have legendary accuracy, and this one is no exception. Its 3-dot night sight and pic rail for optional laser or light add-ons don’t hurt, either.

S&W Shield EZ

The EZ line of the Smith and Wesson Shield firearm is built for newer or more casual gun owners. It is built with an incredibly smooth slide action to make it the easiest rack and slide-cycling handgun on the market. It was designed for people with weaker grips, making it universal in a way few handguns are

It comes with a standard grip safety and optional external safety add-ons making it safer for less experienced gun owners, as well.

While the single stack design means a smaller, easier to handle grip, it brings the added benefit of a slim footprint, overall. If you opt for the .380 caliber model of this weapon, you have a great concealed carry gun that is comfortable for daily wear.

Walther PPQ

While the Walther PPQ is not one of the smaller firearms built for concealed carry, it is certainly one of the best shooting guns out there. Walther has mastered the ergonomic grip design with its PPQ line. It’s also built an incredible 0.1 inch reset trigger that makes for easy and accurate rapid-firing. 

Some say that PPQ is best as a range gun and while that may be true, it is also a fantastic home defense option that is more accurate than many guns on the market and holds a full 15+1 round capacity.

Choosing the right firearm is a very personal process. Get your hands on as many guns as you can, shoot them at the range, and ask questions to help you find the right one. These three are a great place to start.

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